Wynwood Marketplace Permits

Wynwood Marketplace Permits

There has been an effort from opposing parties to create a distraction about what this movement aims to achieve. Critics claim that this is an effort from MANA and SWARM to cover up wrongdoing and is a reaction to the Wynwood Marketplace (a SWARM activation on property owned by MANA) being shut down by City of Miami officials. This is inaccurate, and those spouting this false information are distracting from the real issues.

First, this is an effort by a coalition of businesses, not just MANA and SWARM (though they certainly are involved as they believe in the mission). It is a reaction to the enormous crackdown on legitimate businesses using a very harsh, ridiculous interpretation of noise ordinances that has not been updated in decades. We also have issues with other aspects of the governance and oversight of the Wynwood neighborhood, and have raised serious concerns about how this crackdown began in the first place.

Second, the Wynwood Marketplace was not shut down and always had valid operating permits. It was voluntarily closed for renovations after the owners specifically sought a brand new permit for the improvements they wanted to implement on the property. There was already an extension in place of the temporary use permit. We contacted the Wynwood Marketplace’s owners, and they provided the following documentation which was then verified via public records.

Highlight added for emphasis. Contact information redacted for privacy.

The full temporary use permit that was issued two weeks ago is also attached below. You can clearly see that the permit was approved and that the property closure was for renovations on the property.

We believe that misleading the public on this issue is an attempt by relevant local authorities to act as if a crackdown is not happening. As many local businesses can attest, there certainly is a very deliberate crackdown on any business that does not fit within residential real estate developers’ view of what Wynwood should be.

As we have repeatedly made clear, our goal is simple– Wynwood’s establishment as the official Arts and Entertainment District of Miami. Current laws on the books are not compatible with this vision, and the recent enforcement efforts have shown that immediate change is necessary to protect the neighborhood.