Collusion in Wynwood?

Collusion in Wynwood?

We’ve become aware of a series of posts by a local blogger regarding various properties in Wynwood. While many of his claims are either misleading, vague, or just simply miss the point, they are clearly deeply researched. By his own admission, it took this writer over 2 weeks just to sift through the documents:

More interestingly, it seems like his posts began in unison with City of Miami police and code enforcement’s crackdown on the entire Wynwood business community. In fact, some of his posts were started even before that happened, and were merely made live later.

Furthermore, these posts began a full day before a permit for the Wynwood Marketplace (a permit that had been in progress for a year) was issued with conditions that effectively closed the venue indefinitely. This permit was issued at 6:45pm on a Friday on Valentine’s Day, and was not sent to any of the lawyers or applicants on the permit. The venue operator did not know the permit was issued until police arrived at 10:57pm the next day to shut down the venue and eject hundreds of people into the street. Perhaps this is all a coincidence. Perhaps this blogger is clairvoyant.

Unfortunately for him, this blogger mistakenly posted in his story an unredacted version of an email he sent to SWARM CEO Tony Albelo asking questions for his article. In it, he blind copies Wynwood BID Executive Director Manny Gonzalez’s personal email address, local City of Miami police commander Daniel Kerr’s personal email address, and local lobbyist (and son of the Miami-Dade County Mayor) CJ Gimenez. He then quickly removed the image and replaced it with a redacted version. Oops!

The original image is actually still available on the blogger’s own website, but is not the one used in his story, which features the redacted version. Needless to say, all the people involved, especially the BID Director and Police Commander, who are public employees, know that using personal email addresses to collude with a lobbyist and journalist is unethical and against the law. The BID Director, who recently filed for whistleblower protection, is also likely aware that he will not be protected from the consequences of illegal activity. Obviously this raises important questions, such as:

  • Why does this blogger know the personal email addresses of these people?
  • Why go to such lengths to hide their involvement?
  • Why, of all people on this earth, are these three people kept in the loop on this communication?
  • Why are these people using their personal email addresses for this, and what were they looking to hide by avoiding using official email addresses that may be subject to public records requests?

We have undertaken steps to uncover the depths of this collusion and are pursuing every available legal remedy to bring all aspects of this situation to light. Our legal representatives have begun the process of forcing those involved to disclose any public business conducted via personal email addresses, and we will share those results with the community at the earliest available opportunity.