11pm Closing Time Policy Clarification

11pm Closing Time Policy Clarification

There has been some confusion about our claim that there is a current effort to force all venues within Wynwood to close at 11pm.

It’s true, there is no current proposed legislation to that effect. The reality is far worse. The relevant policies are the normal noise ordinances in the City of Miami that are currently in effect, just interpreted extremely harshly. These ordinances have never been enforced in Wynwood, but for various reasons there has been a crackdown on these ordinances and many other aspects of the city code. Businesses are in serious threat of being closed because under the relevant law, four such noise violations can lead to your business being immediately shuttered. 

The codes in question can be found here and here. They are confusing because they have not been updated in decades. 

Luckily, in 2017 the Miami City Attorney’s office issued this opinion clarifying the matter:

Unfortunately, there has recently been a huge disparity in how these ordinances are enforced in Wynwood. In some cases “quiet enjoyment of persons” has meant being able to hear ANYTHING whatsoever from 100 feet away. In other cases, it has meant being able to hear any music through the door of the venue. Even as written, this policy is incompatible with a vision of Wynwood as an Arts and Entertainment District. 

There are two issues at play— the laws on the books that have become outdated and the more recent problem of overzealous enforcement that threatens to kill the spirit of Wynwood.