#SaveWynwood is a movement to permanently preserve Wynwood as an Arts and Entertainment District.

You may believe that Wynwood is already an Arts and Entertainment District. But the laws in place disagree with you.


Under current laws:


  • Any bars, clubs, or even restaurants can not have any music after 11pm that is audible whatsoever from outside the building.
  • Any pop-up activations must pay exorbitant fees, the same fees required if they were constructing a building.
  • All building art, architectural treatments, and even trees must be approved by a governing body elected by property owners, not local residents. Each property folio in Wynwood gets one vote.


Does this sound like the Wynwood you know?


Fight back. Get involved.



There has been an effort from opposing parties to create a distraction about what this movement aims to achieve. Critics claim that this is an effort from MANA and SWARM to cover up wrongdoing and is a reaction to the Wynwood Marketplace (a SWARM activation...

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There has been some confusion about our claim that there is a current effort to force all venues within Wynwood to close at 11pm. It’s true, there is no current proposed legislation to that effect. The reality is far worse. The relevant policies are the...

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We’ve become aware of a series of posts by a local blogger regarding various properties in Wynwood. While many of his claims are either misleading, vague, or just simply miss the point, they are clearly deeply researched. By his own admission, it took this writer...

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Change can happen when a collection of movers come together and speak the same truth. We will be looking for this unity towards anyone with the desire to help this cause move forward in the best way. We’d love to have your support and hear from you below on what that looks like!

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Stay connected and up-to-date with the journey. Spread the campaign amongst your favorite platforms, to let your friends, family, and co-workers know what’s at stake – and join the fight!